Killer Whales in the Santa Barbara Channel

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Killer whales feeding next to Condor Express

8 killer whales
2 gray whales
6 Dall’s porpoise
15 Risso’s dolphins
1,000 long beaked common dolphins minus one
dozens of sea lions minus one

For the 2nd straight day the Condor Express has encountered killer whales in the Channel. Today we ran across to Santa Cruz Island and found 8 orcas. During our observations the orca pod first attacked and killed a sea lion. Next they went after a herd of common dolphins, separating one, and ate it. Captain Anthony said an orca was seen leaping out of the water with the dolphin kicking and screaming in its mouth. Although these kinds of things are rare to see and part of the natural world and ocean food chain, they are not for the faint hearted. But if you love to see killer whales do all that they can do, today was your day.

To view photos of our encounter with the killer whales – click here.

Our next trip out is on Wednesday, Dec. 26th
Happy holidays to all
Bob Perry