Dolphin lovers on the Condor Express get great looks at long-beaks.

Loads of humpback whales and dolphins.

2019 04-20 SB Coast 

A high overcast layer persisted all day through both trips, one at 9 AM the other at 12 noon. However, seas were very calm and glassy. Total sightings included: seven humpback whales, and 600 long-beaked common dolphins.

The morning excursion started out by heading west. About a mile off of More Mesa a small pod of common dolphins located the boat. A few miles further out a larger pod found us and everyone enjoyed watching the animals ride our bow, side, and stern waves. In the same area a single large humpback whale was spotted. The animal was moving around a lot beneath the surface…perhaps feeding down there. On the way back to the harbor yet another humpback whale was spotted. It was a smaller one and easier to watch.

On the afternoon excursion, we ran back out and got another look at the same large humpback we had watched in the morning. By now it was about 4 miles south of the Goleta Pier. Nearby a group of at least 75 dolphins were watched. Captain Dave and the crew then took an outside course and ended up near the Mid-channel buoy. This turned out to be a “honey hole” for humpbacks. And although we only had time to closely watch four of these beasts, there were many many more spouts in the area. The four animals consisted of two large whales working together, as well as two smaller singles.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry
Condor Express, and