Lunge-feeding humpback in the Santa Barbara Channel !!!

Lots of humpbacks (feeding on the noon trip) and 2 species of dolphins.

2019 04-05 SB Channel

Captain Dave and his crew ran two very similar excursions today, one at 9a and the other at 12n.  Skies were partly sunny and seas were very calm…even glassy in the morning.  Total sightings for the day included: 7 humpback whales, 900 long-beaked common dolphins and 5 Pacific white-sided dolphins.  Lunge feeding activity dominated the noon adventure.

A 9am we ran about 5 miles south of the harbor and slowly encountered one humpback, then a second, then a third and finally a fourth.  Great tail flukes were seen by all four.  Dave moved east to a location just beyond Platform Habitat where we had a wonderful encounter with a large pod of common dolphins.

Before the noon trip headed back out to the general vicinity of the morning humpback encounter, we had a short and sweet visit with 5 white-sided dolphins.  After the white-siders, the offshore spot had a huge bait swarm that had come to the surface and we found a trio of whales that were vertical surface lunge-feeding.  This feeding activity kept going for the duration of the sighting.  Another group of common dolphins, and hundreds of diving seabirds, also characterized this sighting.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express, and