Mother and calf put on a show

Bob PerryCondor Express, gray whale mother and calf

Mother and calf gray whales are seen side by side.

2018 05-11 SB Coast

Captain Tasha took the Condor Express up and down the coast at noon today and ended up with some great looks at 2 gray whales.  It was a mother gray whale with her very young calf, as it generally is this time of year.  The pair stopped right out front of the 1,000 steps beach and remained there for quite a while and put on a bit of a show.  My best guess is that the calf went through a couple of attempts to nurse with mom.  It rolled around a lot, laid on its side next to mom, gave off a couple of large underwater bubble-blasts, did some head-lifts and spy-hopped.  It was an epic cow-calf sighting.


You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express, and

(By the way, our gray whale season ends Sunday, and starting Monday we’re back to deeper water, whales, dolphins and a visit to the Channel Islands if conditions permit).