Mother gray whale and her calf.

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A mother gray whale and her calf near the beach in Santa Barbara.

2022 05-01 SB Coast

It was a sunny but hazy day in the Channel with a light breeze. There was a bit of a residual bump from overnight winds. All things considered, this did not stop Captain Devin and his crew as the found and closely watched 2 gray whales and 750 long-beaked common dolphins.

At noon, while stopping for a brief look at the sea lions on the harbor entrance buoy, spouts were seen nearby. It was a gray whale cow-calf pair, and this is the final stage of the northbound migration during which the moms take their calves to northern feeding grounds and do so close to shore. We followed along and watched from a respectful distance. The pair passed close to the Condor Express at one point.

Dolphins were seen on the 9a and 12n excursions. We watched a pod of 100 or so in the morning and a larger group in the afternoon.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry
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