New Engines! Update.

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2021 01-19 New Engines – update

Greetings from the Condor Express staff and a Happy 2021 to all.

As the new year starts we’ve been busy every day in the boat yard. We’re engaged in a major project removing and replacing all 4 of our engines. The original engines served us well since we launched in 2002 and needed replacing to meet the operational needs of the Condor Express.

As you can see in the attached photographs, our brand new engines were placed in the engine room (below deck, just aft of our galley and main salon). Each engine comes to us from Scania, a Swedish diesel engine manufacturing company, and will result in added power, increased fuel economy, improved environmental impact and less noise.

The crew is working hard to fit the new engines into place, Each engine will drive its own external water jet for propulsion, just as our old engines did. Engines must be mounted, aligned, fitted with fuel lines, water lines, electrical power and work with engine displays and controllers in the wheelhouse. As you can imagine, this is a lot of time-consuming work!

For your trip planning purposes, please bear in mind that we are still several weeks away from sea trials and opening our schedule for public whale watching and party cruises. Stay tuned!  You’ll hear about it first here and on our social media.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
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