Mother gray whale along Santa Barbara Coast!

One trip: 3 gray whales including a possible feeding juvenile…dolphins too!

2019 04-16 SB Coast

Luckily for everyone, there was tons of action right along the coast, within a couple dozen yards of the beach, today in Santa Barbara, because the rampaging winds and seas were not far offshore. Sightings for the single trip that left at noon included three gray whales and 15 inshore bottlenose dolphins. By the way, the weather and the sea conditions near the beach were outstanding.

The first sighting consisted of a mother gray whale and her calf. They swam towards the beach and spent quality time in very shallow water. What a great sighting! Next, and up the beach a little ways, there was a good size pod of coastal bottlenose dolphins that located the boat and everyone had a great looks. Finally, the most interesting sighting was right near the harbor and along the breakwater. A juvenile gray whale was on its side and feeding in sand perhaps in only 5 feet of water. Different species of sand crabs, worms, and other members of the benthic infauna might be a tempting snack.  It would help provide some nourishment for the long swim back to Alaskan waters.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry
Condor Express, and