Rain does wonders for cetacean sightings!

Bob Perrybottlenose dophins, gray whales

Rain in the Santa Barbara Channel.

2018 03–10 SB Coast

The Condor Express ran two trips today. Seas were very calm but a gentle spring rain kept things wet all day. Total sightings for the day included 9 gray whales and 18 coastal bottlenose dolphins.

The morning trip started out by heading west and right away we encountered two gray whales near the lighthouse. After getting some great looks at the whales, 10 or more bottlenose dolphins located the boat and we had a great interaction with them too.

Continuing west we located another pair of gray whales near the UCSB campus and soon afterward a single whale came by.

The afternoon trip found a juvenile gray whale right away off of Leadbetter Beach. The juvenile was rolling around in the kelp, spy hopping and putting it fins in the air with kelp draped all over the place.  This behavior is known as “kelping,” and most all marine mammals do it.

Eight bottlenose dolphins located us, followed by another pair of gray whales. On the way home a single gray whale was located.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express