Repairs on Condor Express are moving foreward !

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Condor Express in boatyard 2013 04-05 Ventura Hbr-008

Condor Express in boatyard 2013 04-05 Ventura Hbr-023

The above photos show (1) the new wheelhouse aluminum shell and reinforcement beams, and (2) a crane removing the antenna mast from the flybridge en route to the sand and paint shop.

Repairs and modifications of the Condor Express are moving ahead under the supervision of Captain Mat Curto. The boat is now hauled out in the boat yard and things are being done on all fronts. The decks have been sand blasted, the wheelhouse structural damage is all fixed and new. The new teak panels are all cut and trimmed to size and ready for installation. New wiring to the wheelhouse has been run and the roof of the galley is ready for new teak. While I was there a huge crane was lifting off the antenna mast so it can be sent to the paint shop.

Things are on track and the Condor Express will be back and better than ever asap.

Stay tuned !

Bob Perry
Condor Expres