Private Whale Watching Charters

The Condor Express offers private whale watching charter trips designed for individual groups, businesses and organizations. We can custom design private whale watching charters for family reunions, clubs, educational institutions, corporate events or other groups that want a personalized experience in the Santa Barbara Channel.

Condor Express Sunset Party Cruise

The Condor Express offers the same prestigious services for private whale watching charters as we do for our public boat trips. Our captains and crew will customize the schedule and accommodations to meet your needs.

In the early winter months of December and January, private whale watching charters can follow migrating California Gray Whales as they pass through the Santa Barbara Channel on their way to the lagoons in southern Baja. During the northbound migration season from mid-February to mid-April, enjoy seeing the mother Gray Whales return with their calves.

Private Whale Watching CharterFrom April through the summer, private whale watching charters offer close encounters with the wild and crazy Humpback Whales that come to the Santa Barbara Channel each year to feed and play. This species is known for its unpredictable behaviors, such as spy-hopping, pectoral fin slapping, tail lobbing, or even jumping completely out of the water in a mighty breach. It is not uncommon to have friendly encounters with Humpback Whales that come close to the boat to have a closer look. The Condor Express was specially designed to protect marine life when they come in close quarters with the vessel, there are no propellers or rudders to injure them.

Private Whale Watching Charter

During the summer, as early as May and as late as September, Blue Whales, the largest animals on the earth, come to the Channel Islands and Santa Barbara Channel to feed. Blue Whales can be as long as 90 feet or more and are always a breath-taking encounter.

All seasons offer magnificent up close views of the Santa Barbara coastline, complete with possible sightings of coastal bottlenose dolphins, sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters and other marine mammals. The Santa Barbara Channel also features a fantastic number of other cetaceans, pinnipeds, fishes and pelagic birds and offers a glimpse into a rich ecosystem that makes a private whale watching charter an exciting experience.

Private Whale Watching Charter

Catering by some of Santa Barbara’s best restaurants from simple appetizers to a complete sit-down dinner with dessert and specialty wines are available on private charters. And our full bar is always available and at your service.

Private whale watching charter prices can be quoted and reserved by calling Santa Barbara Landing at 888-77WHALE or 805-882-0088. Private whale watching charters can be a few hours or longer to fit your schedule. Contact Santa Barbara Landing and we will help you make all the arrangements.