Santa Cruz Channel yields multiple whales and great island viewing.

Bob Perrywhale watching california

I love seeing gray whales when they are underwater. -Bob

2020 01-19 SB Channel 

Captain Colton and the crew of the Condor Express found good conditions in the Channel today. It was a little bit overcast but calm seas prevailed. Totals for the trip included 5+ gray whales, and 250 long beaked common dolphins.

On the trip across the Channel towards the west end of Santa Cruz Island, there were numerous sightings of whales here and there. Some going interesting (reverse) directions, others were shy, but we did get set up on one nice one.  It had short down times and showed great tail flukes.

Continuing towards the island, and about 1 mile offshore, a good size pod of dolphins located in the Condor Express. We had a fun interaction with them, all within close range of some beautiful island views.

We had a nice tour of the beautiful seacliffs along the western end, then moved into Santa Cruz Channel, between the two islands (Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz). Hear the sharp eyes of our deckhand Devon spotted the spouts of four more gray whales. Upon arriving at the scene, two of the whales turn back towards the Santa Barbara Channel, and the other two continued around the backside of the island. This illustrates the two possible routes for southbound whales by the way.

As we left the Santa Cruz Channel and head for home, we saw some very large swells breaking out on Fraser point. Fun to see the awesome power of the waves against the rocks.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. 

Bob Perry
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