Sixteen giant blue whales

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A blue whale seen in blue water...Santa Barbara Channel.

2020 09-05 SB Channel East

16 giant blue whales

The land of the giants centered itself in The Lanes adjacent to Pedro Point and Anacapa Passage today. Skies were clear and seas were a “tale of two oceans.” It was calm and nice in the north Channel but breezy and a bit choppy where the whales were. Blue whales continue to feed sub-surface in good numbers with 16+ giants and 200 long-beaked common dolphins closely watched.

A small pod of dolphins interacted with the Condor Express as we headed southeast in the morning. They were found about 7 miles offshore. They paid a visit to the boat and rode our bow, side and stern waves. This was the only dolphin activity we engaged it…perhaps influenced by the choppy sea surface in the southern Channel.

The 16 giant blue whales consisted of 14 very large adult whales and 2 sub-adults that were just a tad smaller than the rest. The krill shoals continue to be below the surface and, if the steep angle of the tail flukes on sounding is any gauge, the food must be deep. Once again, the bright sun, clear water and wind created a wonderful “NatGeo” kind of experience. Many additional spouts were seen in binocular range.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
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2 Comments on “Sixteen giant blue whales”

  1. I was in Laguna Beach a few years ago and from the beach everyone there was shocked to see two giant blues. It was amazing.
    I live in the Central Valley of California but would do anything to see the big blues again.
    Was it just total luck that you saw 16 or is there a season and location for them?
    Kyle Dees

    1. Hi, Kyle. Blue whales come here to feed on krill. We’ve had a tremendous run of blue whales every day for the past month or more. When the krill runs out is anyone’s guess. I suggest you act while the sightings are hot!

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