Humpback whales, common dolphins and a bald eagle.

Bob Perrybirding, humpback whales, whale watching

5 humpback whales 3,000+ common dolphins 1 bald eagle Captain Mat reports ideal conditions, with sunny and calm seas. Mat’s keen eyes and whale sense prevailed againg today. The humpback sightings were nice and one breached for the fans. The common dolphins were observed all day long throughout the Channel, and the bald eagle was on Santa Cruz Island. best … Read More

Bald Eagle sighting tops off a great humpback whale trip

Bob Perrybirding, California Whale Watching, humpback whale watching

Tail flukes from a humpback named “Moustachio” Two humpback whales were observed gobbling down schools of anchovies with their surface lunge feeding again today. This is always dramatic. A whale we saw 2 years ago and nicknamed “Moustachio” was one of them. This whale has a very peculiar way of lunge feeding that involves between a 45 and 90 degree … Read More

A Bald Eagle tops off a great trip.

Bob Perrybirding, whale watching cruise

You don’t stay the number one whale watch captain by missing anything. And today Captain Mat was on fire! There were great sea conditions in the Channel and it’s supposed to be even nicer this Saturday and Sunday. Capt Mat used the conditions and his keen sense of whaledar to put the Condor Express near 7 surface lunge feeding humpback … Read More

California humpback whale watching

Bob PerryCalifornia, humpback whale

California humpback whale watching Friday, October 5, 2012 California humpback whale watching was pretty good today. A great adventure out to the east Channel today found two humpback whales. One of the humpback whales was our friend “Rope.” After great looks at the two humpbacks, we ran along the face of Santa Cruz Island, part of our Channel Islands National … Read More