Barbara saves the whale watching day !

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It isn’t often that anyone can surpass the super-human whale spotting abilities of Captain Mat and Captain Dave, but today was different. We were out on the south side of the Channel whale watching in moderately rough seas along the subsurface island shelf break known as “The Ledge.” Captain Mat was using all his God given talent and training, but … Read More

Blue water – blue whales

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Captain Mat reports a nice sunny day in the Santa Barbara Channel today, with exceedingly clear water. There were five blue whales sighted today, and the view of these blue majestic beasts seen beneath the crystal water was very special. Everyone was thrilled. About 1,000 common dolphins were also observed throughout the trip. And the “icing on the cake” was … Read More

Another high diversity whale watching summer excursion.

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Captain Mat reports from the Condor Express the following tally for today: 1 humpback whale – good tail fluking 6 blue whales – great looks 1 minke whale 1500 common dolphins 2 ocean sunfish (Mola mola) Overcast skies and a very gentle breeze made nature watching very enjoyable today. Hope to see you soon Bob Perry Condor Express

A gray whale in July ! No lie !

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The talley: 1 gray whale 2 humpback whales* 3 blue whales* 1 minke whale* 2,000+ common dolphins 1 ocean sunfish (Mola mola) 50+ California sea lions (* = more seen in the area) We had good lateral visibility under a marine layer of clouds today. Nary a breath of wind to be had, and thus the ocean surface was pretty … Read More

Sun shines on humpback whales (and dolphins)

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Captain Dave was at it again, and so were the mighty humpback whales of the Santa Barbara Channel. If this isn’t the best whale watching in California then I don’t know what is. Seven of the knobby headed beasts were gorging themselves on great balls of northern anchovies again, so everyone on board the Condor Express was amazed to see … Read More

8 Humpbacks Whales + 1 Blue Whale = Fun for All

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The old sea captain Mat amazed all on board the Condor Express today with his “whaledar” (internal whale locating radar). Mat steered the boat into a platoon of 8 actively surface feeding humpbacks, which in itself is quite a spectacle of nature. But one of these humpbacks took off and breached several times which left the passengers and crew totally … Read More