Another big day for humpbacks and blue whales

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Captain Mat ran out to the humpback feeding grounds and located 10 of the beasts with more in the area. A juvenile humpback breached repeatedly, and there were tail throws plus other great behaviors. Then Mat moved over to the blue whales grounds and closely followed 5 blue whales. Again there were common dolphins throughout the trip, 3,000 or more, … Read More

Island Trip yields impressive cetaceans

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After a few days of gale winds in the Channel, the Condor sailed out to the Islands today in search of beasts. Here’s the talley: 5 humpback whales 2 blue whales Amongst the humpback behavioral repertoire we had the good fortune to have one of them adopt the boat. It spy hopped and generally swam around introducing itself first hand … Read More

American Cetacean Society Special Trip – Special Whales

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August 11, 2012 Daily Whale and Dolphin Report: Here are the species we watched closely today: 18 Blue Whales 7 Humpback Whale 2 Dall’s Porpoise 5,000 Common Dolphins Lots of sea lions Today’s whale counts are unusually high because, (a) it was a special all-day charter with the American Cetacean Society, and (b) there are tons of whales out there … Read More