Spectacular last trip for 2018

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A coastal bottlenose dolphin emits a bubble stream from its blowhole as it visits the Condor Express today.

2018 12-31 SB Channel It was a spectacular last trip for 2018, and sightings included 20 inshore bottlenose dolphins, 1 gray whale and 2 humpback whales.  Sea conditions were good.  The air was fresh and wintery. Around 1010am bottlenose dolphins were encountered on the outskirts of the East Beach anchorage and were spread out over a quarter mile or so.  … Read More

Outstanding sea conditions for whale watching AGAIN !!

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Outstanding sea conditions for whale watching AGAIN!! These wonderful Fall whale watching conditions just keep on rolling along. Hardly a breath of wind, glassy surface, blue water and blue skies with warm sun. Right out of the harbor we encountered about 8 inshore bottlenose dolphins and ran with them through the East Beach anchorage. One of the large bottlenose was … Read More

Another epic day of Southern California Whale Watching

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Eight humpback whales with lots more in two areas surveyed on an epic day for Southern California Whale Watching. Several distant breaches and some tail lobbing was observed. We approached one humpback whale from a distance as it continually slapped its mighty pectoral fin on the water for many minutes. Others were working areas of obviously high productivity as indicated … Read More

Seven northbound gray whales make for an epic adventure.

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A total of seven northbound gray whales were closely followed and numerous others were in the area. Bright warm sun and a glassy ocean with small swells in the morning that pretty much died out to calm seas by the afternoon. Our seven included 3 separate cow-calf pairs and one extremely friendly juvenile, perhaps a yearling or second year whale. … Read More

Another great day with a Gray Whale breach

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Captain Dave reports from the Condor that two trips ran today and a total of 7 gray whales including a Gray Whale breach. They were mostly young gray whales judging by their size, were closely observed. In addition, approximately 20 bottlenose dolphins were encountered to the delight of all on board. On the last trip of the afternoon a young … Read More

Tons of whales and bottlenose dolphins

Bob Perrybottlenose dophins, California Whale Watching, whale watching, whale watching cruise

Bottlenose dolphin trys to out run the Condor. It was Condor Express class reunion day on board the Condor, as Captain Dave ran the show with deckhands Brooke and Matt along for the ride. Oh, and I was there to capture the images (which will be posted up tomorrow afternoon). And the cetaceans did not disappoint anyone…there were at least … Read More

Eleven gray whales, Fifteen dolphins and Two Hundred bottlenose dolphins – Cetaceans

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The Condor ran two trips today and Captain Dave reports great sea conditions all day long. A total of 11 gray whales, 15 bottlenose dolphins, and 200 common dolphins were closely watched. Another fabulous day coming into the “peak” of the northbound migration of grays. Hope to see you soon. Bob Perry Condor Express

Another big day for gray whales

Bob PerryCalifornia gray whale, gray whale, gray whale migration, whale watching, whale watching cruise

Captain Dave reports from the Condor that all 3 trips (9a, 12n, 3p) ran and had great looks at cetaceans. In all 15 gray whales were closely observed. Also 20 coastal bottlenose dolphins and 100 common dolphins were seen. As with yesterday’s adventure, on two trips we had breaching gray whales…on the 3pm trip the breaching gray must have gotten … Read More

Like being in whale heaven.

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Talley: Gray whales = 10++ Inshore bottlenose dolphins = 20 Another gorgeous sunny, clear day in the Santa Barbara Channel with tons and tons of south bound gray whales and other fun species to see. Although our actual “closely observed” number was 11, there were literally spouts everywhere you looked in all directions. The glassy mirror-like water found in the … Read More