Repairs on Condor Express are moving foreward !

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The above photos show (1) the new wheelhouse aluminum shell and reinforcement beams, and (2) a crane removing the antenna mast from the flybridge en route to the sand and paint shop. Repairs and modifications of the Condor Express are moving ahead under the supervision of Captain Mat Curto. The boat is now hauled out in the boat yard and … Read More

Original Condor Returns To Santa Barbara Harbor

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Condor Returns The Condor is back. Due to the recent wheelhouse fire last Saturday afternoon aboard the Condor Express, the “original” Condor, a 90-ft all steel sport fishing boat based in San Diego, is returning this weekend to Sea Landing for a few months to run local whale watching trips. Captain Fred Benko (1938 – 2013) built the original Condor … Read More

Condor Express Whale Watching Trips Suspended Due To Wheelhouse Fire

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An osprey, perched atop a nearby masthead, keeps a watchful eye on the Condor Express clean up operations today. A tourist passer-by, who happened to be an off duty San Francisco firefighter, saw the blaze and smoke and grabbed a fire hose from Sea Landing and put out most of the fire before the Harbor Patrol and SB City … Read More

Memorial Celebration of Captain Fred Benko’s Life

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Colleagues, There will be a celebration of life memorial service to honor our recently departed Captain Fred Benko of the Condor Express, at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum on Friday, March 15, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum is located at the Santa Barbara Harbor, 113 Harbor Way, Suite 190 | Santa Barbara | CA 93109 … Read More

Gray whales and more!

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Totals: 3 southbound gray whales 25 pacific white sided dolphins 1500 long beaked common dolphins We ran into a small herd of pacific white siders just ouside the harbor on our way out in the morning. Near Santa Cruz Island we followed the gray whales, all busy travelling south, and then there was a massive megapod of common dophins in … Read More

Winter 2012 Newsletter

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Our latest and greatest Condor Express Newsletter is now available to view/download at: happy holidays Bob Perry Odd Jobs Guy Condor Express

First Gray Whale Sighted !!

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First Gray Whale Sighted Friday, Nov. 9, 2012 News from the Boat Yard. The Gray Whale season is approaching fast and the Condor Express crew has been working hard to spruce things up and make some mechanical enhancements that will improve the ships performance. This includes sanding, painting, chipping, cleaning…all that fun stuff. But in the meantime, one of us … Read More