Another big day for humpbacks and blue whales

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Captain Mat ran out to the humpback feeding grounds and located 10 of the beasts with more in the area. A juvenile humpback breached repeatedly, and there were tail throws plus other great behaviors. Then Mat moved over to the blue whales grounds and closely followed 5 blue whales. Again there were common dolphins throughout the trip, 3,000 or more, … Read More

Anchovies continue to pay the price to humpback whales feeding

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Captain Dave reports from the ol Condor that despite moderately choppy seas in the Channel, he was able to use his great skills and keen eyesight to locate humpback whales feeding area again today. Five humpbacks were joined by at least 1,500 common dolphins and the Condor along the cafeteria line. Abundant surface lunge feeding went on pretty much the … Read More

Moveable Whale Watching Feast

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Whale Watching Report There was a moderate chop running through the Channel all day today for the whale watching trips, and the sun was bright…the skies clear and blue. The ol Condor ran out to the feeding grounds and did not disappoint our guests. For several days now there have been balls of very small, young northern anchovies being chased … Read More

Condor witnesses another spectacle of nature

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“Epic.” That’s the word Captain Dave used to summarize the sightings made on today’s trip. The ol Condor headed into more giant balls of bait fish near the surface and all that goes with it. At least 2,000 common dolphins were actively feeding on the bait non-stop. At least seven humpback whales were there too. They were lunge feeding on … Read More

Whale Feeding Grounds

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They don’t call it the “feeding grounds” for nothing. In spite of rather bumpy seas, the clear sunny skies allowed Captain Dave to once again show his professional whale skills in fine fashion. Dave reports huge balls of bait out on the grounds, and countless (more than 2,000 ?) common dolphins streaking through the masses and dining at will. Of … Read More