Massive fin whale, humpback whale and minke whale sightings today

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Massive baleen whale sightings today. In addition to the six humpback whales (3 pairs) observed today that included some nice friendly visits, we had one big bad whale: a fin whale! You may recall that the fin whale is the close cousin of the giant blue whale and, as such, it is the second largest animal that ever lived on … Read More

A great variety of species and a lot of blue whales

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Aug 9, 2012 Daily Whale and Dolphin Report: Here are the species we watched closely today: 8 Blue Whales (more in binocular range) 2 Humpback Whale (including “Rope”…read below) 2 Fin Whales 1 Minke Whale 500 Common Dolphins 2 rehabilitated sea lions released (read below) The breeze was less today and at first there was a little overcast out on … Read More