Epic conditions & Epic Gray Whale and Humpback Whale sightings

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  Epic conditions & Epic sightings After 17 days of waiting for the Harbor to be re-opened, the Condor Express ran 3 whale watch trips today (9am, 12noon, 3pm) with spectacular conditions.  It was a bright sunny day with temperatures in Santa Barbara in the 80’s.  There was little to no wind and the sea surface was flat.  What a … Read More

Tomorrow is our last gray whale migration trip.

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That’s right. Tomorrow, Saturday May 11 is the last scheduled gray whale migration trip for this season. Henceforth we are out to the open Channel and the Islands in search of the big boys. We expect a multitude of frisk humpbacks to be out there ready to greet the Condor and its passengers. It is the changing of the seasons, … Read More

Gray whale migration still on the move plus common dolphins run amok!

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The latest on the gray whale migration. Three gray whales were observed in the gray whale migration back to their feeding grounds in Alaska today, but the real fun was the dolphin show. Approximately 1500 common dolphins were seen engaged in feeding behavior which included leaping, jumping, slashing upside down through the water and driving the little bait fish crazy. … Read More

Gray whales and a variety of cetaceans.

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Gray whales, dolphins and porpoise Whale Watching Report February 17, 2013 Gray whales Common dolphins Dall’s porpoise Pacific white-sided dolphins A gray whale tail. Gray whales continue their northern migration. Captain Mat sailed out on two trips today, 9am and 12noon. It was another day without wind on the water. Along the way, guests on board the Condor Express were … Read More

Gorgeous day for gray whale watching

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Excellent Gray Whale Watching Weather Whale Watching Count 3 gray whales 1 bald eagle 20 common dolphins 4 Dalls porpoise It was another great day for gray whale watching for both sea conditions and wildlife. We saw three gray whales and several dolphins and even a bald eagle. The gray whale watching is stil very good as they make their … Read More