Many Mammal Species and a pair of Bald Eagles on Santa Cruz Island

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santa cruz island

  Mirror Glass, Many Mammal Species and a pair of Bald Eagles Today A tiny bit of haze but extremely glassy conditions again today on the Santa Barbara Channel as the Condor Express motored out for another adventure packed trip full of unexpected surprises. The first surprise of the day was a big pod of 15 or more elusive Dall’s … Read More

A gray whale in July ! No lie !

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The talley: 1 gray whale 2 humpback whales* 3 blue whales* 1 minke whale* 2,000+ common dolphins 1 ocean sunfish (Mola mola) 50+ California sea lions (* = more seen in the area) We had good lateral visibility under a marine layer of clouds today. Nary a breath of wind to be had, and thus the ocean surface was pretty … Read More

Here come the baby gray whales !!

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Captain Dave reports from the Condor that 3 trips ran today under warm, summer-like conditions. 13 northbound gray whales were closely followed and today the first cow-calf pairs showed up in Santa Barbara…there were two sets seen This is the start of the “grande finale” when the cow-calf pairs (the last to leave the lagoons) pass by our shoreline. This … Read More

Gray whales active on a warm sunny clear day today

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talley 11 gray whales 200 common dolphins 2000 sea lions Numerous gray whales seen today. Gorgeous flat sea conditions coupled with great sun, no wind and wonderful visibility made gray whale watching outstanding today. This weather is supposed to continue through the weekend. The southern migration of the gray whales is under full swing and with the weather getting better, … Read More

Another mega-whale day for southbound Grays!

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The Count: 2,000 common dolphins 10 Dall’s porpoise 17 Gray whales Fantastic day for southbound Gray whales out at the Santa Barbara Channel Islands with a total of 17 animals and one “pod” that had 14 individuals in it. In addition to all that blubber, two species of smaller, toothed, cetaceans: common dolphins and Dall’s porpoise, were also seen. As … Read More

Gray whales and more!

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Totals: 3 southbound gray whales 25 pacific white sided dolphins 1500 long beaked common dolphins We ran into a small herd of pacific white siders just ouside the harbor on our way out in the morning. Near Santa Cruz Island we followed the gray whales, all busy travelling south, and then there was a massive megapod of common dophins in … Read More


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Summary 5 Orcinus orca (killer whales) 1 gray whale 1 minke whale 500 long beaked common dolphins lots of California sea lions As light rain was approaching from the western Santa Barbara Channel, the Condor Express ran far to the east to find great weather and sea conditions and abundant wild life. The highlight of the trip was approximately one … Read More