Eastern grounds produce wild humpback whale antics.

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Humpback whale antics With very rough seas and high winds out a the Islands, Captain Eric steered a course for the eastern Santa Barbara Channel today in search of humpback whale and other marine mammals. He played with at least 2,000 common dolphins and then found one of the mother-calf pairs that we saw throughout the Fall season. Both mom … Read More

Humpback Whale Gluttony x12

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humpback whale feeding

I’ve been shooting photos on the Condor Express for 8 years and I have never, ever seen so much humpback whale gluttony on one trip as we saw today. We had over a dozen humpback whales in an area to the southeastern Santa Barbara Channel. Most of them came together on a hot spot and continued to lunge feed on … Read More

Surrounded by humpback whale spouts

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humpback whale

The wisps of fog that enshrouded Santa Barbara Harbor quickly lifted as we pushed to the east. At times there were little “sucker holes” of sun and warmth, but for the most part it was glassy smooth but with a low overcast ceiling. Once on the feeding grounds the ceiling did not matter. We were surrounded by humpback whales. Captain … Read More

Eight humpback whale gluttons amaze whale watchers.

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humpback whale

Ideal conditions again on the Santa Barbara Channel feeding grounds. Today we watched as 8 humpback whales and 6 Minke whales gorged themselves on anchovy schools. The humpbacks were once again lunge feeding on the surface for all to witness. At least 1,000 common dolphins were observed (plus or minus) feeding alongside the seabirds, whales and sea lions. Hope to … Read More

More feeding humpback whales today

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We watched two adult humpback whales today mixed in with 1,500 or so common dolphins feeding on anchovies. One of the humpbacks we recognize as having an all white tail and very heavy white scarring across the back. The other whale was our friend with the prop scar. Early fog burned off to ideal sea conditions on the Channel today. … Read More

Minke Whales Baleen on the Flats

Bob Perryminke whale, Santa Barbara Channel

Baleen on the Flats Whoa! Did Captain Dave do it again! We left the harbor and ran southeast towards Platform Hillhouse where we encountered several friendly pods of long beaked common dolphins and their sooty shearwater aerial accompanists. The sky had a thin overcast, and the ocean surface wall mill pond glass. Before long the eagle eyes of Captain Dave … Read More

One heckuva whale !

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Though we plied the Santa Barbara Channel from the mid Channel buoy eastward to Scorpion and back again, we “only” observed one humpback whale today. I put “only” in quotes because today was a day of QUALITY versus QUANTITY. Here’s the story. About 4 miles out from Santa Barbara Harbor on a southerly course heading we saw a single humpback … Read More