Fun with Killer Whales and MORE !!

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Fun with Killer Whales and MORE !! It was a foggy crossing across the Santa Barbara Channel today, but it lifted and became sunny near the commercial shipping lanes.  As the Condor Express broke out of the fog, we found ourselves right up close to a group of  5 Killer whales (that soon became 7 when 2 more joined the … Read More

Update on Friday’s Killer Whales !

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Friday – Killer Whales Update on Friday’s Killer Whales on the Condor Express! Our friend and killer whale researcher, Alisa Schulman-Janiger, has looked at the photographs and has provided us the following diagnosis: “YOUR ORCAS: are the CA122s (Bigg’s/transients)! The new calf is most likely CA122A2. If you had just 5 orcas, it looks like they have lost one juvenile. … Read More

Killer whales lead the list of 6 different marine mammal species today.

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Killer whales lead the list of 6 different marine mammal species today. According to Bigg’s killer whales were formerly known as ‘transients’. In 2012, a push was made to rename this type of killer whale in memory of Dr. Michael Bigg (1939–1990). Bigg’s killer whales range all along the west coast of North America, from California to Alaska. They … Read More


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Summary 5 Orcinus orca (killer whales) 1 gray whale 1 minke whale 500 long beaked common dolphins lots of California sea lions As light rain was approaching from the western Santa Barbara Channel, the Condor Express ran far to the east to find great weather and sea conditions and abundant wild life. The highlight of the trip was approximately one … Read More