New Year Starts with 6 Killer Whales

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killer whales

New Year Starts with 6 Killer Whales This is our third transient killer whale (Orcinus orca) encounter in a week.  What a week it has been.  Captain Dave and the crew found great sea conditions and bright sun in the Santa Barbara Channel, making spout finding easier. The adventure today began with a trip over to Santa Cruz Island where … Read More

An all time epic “killer” day in the Santa Barbara Channel

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Killer day in the Santa Barbara Channel An all time epic or “killer” day in the Santa Barbara Channel As the Condor Express headed south out of Santa Barbara Harbor we were met with a mill pond flat glass sea surface, no wind and long sleeve tee shirt weather.  The water was clear and blue, and the above water vistas … Read More

Killer Whales and Humpback Whales Today

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Captain Dave reports a magnificent day on the Channel today with both killer whales and humpback whales closely watched today. Ideal late summer whale watch conditions prevailed today with very warm weather, bright sunny skies and calm seas. Here’s the story. Dave steered a course almost due south of the Harbor today and after playing with several groups of common … Read More

Killer Whales in the Santa Barbara Channel

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Killer whales feeding next to Condor Express Summary: 8 killer whales 2 gray whales 6 Dall’s porpoise 15 Risso’s dolphins 1,000 long beaked common dolphins minus one dozens of sea lions minus one For the 2nd straight day the Condor Express has encountered killer whales in the Channel. Today we ran across to Santa Cruz Island and found 8 orcas. … Read More