Humpback Whale Gluttony x12

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humpback whale feeding

I’ve been shooting photos on the Condor Express for 8 years and I have never, ever seen so much humpback whale gluttony on one trip as we saw today. We had over a dozen humpback whales in an area to the southeastern Santa Barbara Channel. Most of them came together on a hot spot and continued to lunge feed on … Read More

Minke whales breaching a bunch

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Minke whales breaching a bunch. Captain Dave and the Crew of the Condor Express motored out towards the southern Channel today to search for that elusive mother-calf humpback whale pair that has been entertaining the fans off and on for about a month. The farther we ran south, the worse the sea conditions got. Prudence over valor led the crew … Read More

Four Minke whales and thousands of dolphins

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Four Minke whales and thousands of dolphins. Four user-friendly Minke whales and thousands of dolphins were watched today out on the northeastern Channel flats. The crew of the Condor Express report that the magnificent sea conditions have continued the entire Labor Day weekend. Warm weather, tropical clouds, clear water and great visibility for spotting spouts was the norm again today. … Read More

Minke Whales Baleen on the Flats

Bob Perryminke whale, Santa Barbara Channel

Baleen on the Flats Whoa! Did Captain Dave do it again! We left the harbor and ran southeast towards Platform Hillhouse where we encountered several friendly pods of long beaked common dolphins and their sooty shearwater aerial accompanists. The sky had a thin overcast, and the ocean surface wall mill pond glass. Before long the eagle eyes of Captain Dave … Read More

Minke whales steal the show again.

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Captain Mat reports from the Condor Express that the excursion today ran the Channel in search of whales. Hot spots were checked for the big guys. In the process, over 3,500 common dolphins were seen today. This strategy paid off with looks at 5 fabulous Minke whales. As we saw yesterday, these normally shy whales were again friendly and easy … Read More

One humpback whale but it’s a friendly one.

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Captain Dave had the command center today and found calm but foggy conditions in the Channel this morning. Using his magical skills he was still able to locate a humpback whale, and the whale was very friendly. According to Dave, this humpback approached the Condor Express several times and thrilled the humans. A minke whale and about 1,500 common dolphins … Read More