Humpback whale mother and calf re-appear!

Bob Perryhumpback whale, whale watching trips

South of the Harbor our humpback whale mother and calf re-appeared today and the Condor Express got great looks. Again the conditions were magnificent…a light, warm breeze with calm seas. After spending time with the two whales, we sailed out to Santa Cruz Island and the famous Painted Cave. The trip out and back was marked by repeated interactions with … Read More

Calm seas and not so calm humpback whales

Bob Perryhumpback whales, whale watching trips

Veteran helmsman Captain Mat ran the Condor Express south to the mid-Channel buoy (called the “East Channel buoy” by NOAA). Just east of the buoy I saw the long, sleek back of a giant blue whale as it slipped beneath the waves never to be seen by us again, today on this boat. Strange. But it was not long after … Read More