Stunning sightings of gray whales at Santa Cruz Island

Bob PerryCalifornia gray whale, channel islands, gray whale migration, gray whale season, gray whales, Santa Barbara Channel

Stunning sightings of gray whales at Santa Cruz Island We zipped across a rather choppy Santa Barbara Channel with a few white caps today, on our way towards the very fertile whale grounds of Santa Cruz Island. We played briefly with 4 Dall’s porpoises around the middle of the Channel. The great news is that once we were within a … Read More

Humpback Whales – Gluttony rules the Channel

Bob PerryCalifornia Whale Watching, humpback whales

The every watchful and crafty Captain Mat thrilled all those on board the Condor Express today as he masterfully steered us into acres and acres of oceanic activity including humpback whales. The abundant anchovies were up on the surface and it seemed like the whole animal kingdom was there. Sooty shearwaters, a few pink footed shearwaters, brown pelicans, western gulls, … Read More

Gray Whale Season Ends with a bang.

Bob Perrygray whale season

The 2012-2013 gray whale season has officially ended for the Condor and Condor Express team. We are now off to deeper waters in search of humpbacks, blues, minkes, and fin back whales. Today was glassy, calm, overcast and foggy for the first 2 trips of the day. The sun came out with a light breeze in the late afternoon. Even … Read More

Tomorrow is our last gray whale migration trip.

Bob Perrygray whale migration

That’s right. Tomorrow, Saturday May 11 is the last scheduled gray whale migration trip for this season. Henceforth we are out to the open Channel and the Islands in search of the big boys. We expect a multitude of frisk humpbacks to be out there ready to greet the Condor and its passengers. It is the changing of the seasons, … Read More

Last of the gray whale migration

Bob Perrygray whale

Captain Dave reports 1 gray whale cow-calf pair today along the coast, along with 20 bottlenose dolphins and about 50 common dolphins. The weather and sea conditions were nice. The old Condor is a “cetacean magnet” just like its younger sister ship. Naturally it helps to have an experienced veteran whale expert like Dave Beezer holding down the helm. Hope … Read More

Great trip – great conditions.

Bob Perrygray whale, gray whales, whale watching

Our man David, Captain of the Condor, reported 5 gray whales today and approximately 50 common dolphins. Among the whales were two mother and calf pairs. The ocean was calm, the skies were sunny and warm. It was a very special day. best Bob Perry Condor Express

It’s whale watching showtime !

Bob PerrySouthern California whale watching, whale watching

One whale watching trip today (12 noon) and 6 gray whales were closely observed. This was 3 mother-calf pairs heading west back to Alaska. The show stopper was when 2 pairs stopped and played in and out of the kelp beds adjacent to the old Santa Barbara Light Tower (no longer in service). There was merriment, spy hopping, baby climbing … Read More

Calm and glassy seas today on the Condor

Bob PerryCondor

Captain Dave sends us his regards from his life as captain of the ol’ Condor, and gives us this report. Two trips today, and a total of 4 gray whales headin’ for the dinner table. Plus…as many as 35 inshore bottlenose dolphins paid the Condor a visit. All on board were thrilled. best Bob Perry Condor Express