Eight humpback whale gluttons amaze whale watchers.

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humpback whale

Ideal conditions again on the Santa Barbara Channel feeding grounds. Today we watched as 8 humpback whales and 6 Minke whales gorged themselves on anchovy schools. The humpbacks were once again lunge feeding on the surface for all to witness. At least 1,000 common dolphins were observed (plus or minus) feeding alongside the seabirds, whales and sea lions. Hope to … Read More

Another fine day on the water with minke whales and humpback whales.

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Captain Mat reports that sea conditions were again very very calm and glassy as he ran the Condor Express to the east once again in search of cetaceans. There was a bit of fog and overcast, but the ocean was fantastic. Despite fog, the crew spotted two nice humpback whales and at least three minke whales amidst the dolphins and … Read More

Humpback whales crown a gorgeous day on the Channel !

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Captain Dave followed his instincts and ran east. Here the Condor Express found itself in some amazing masses of marine life. Various bird experts have been talking about the astonishing number of sooty and black-vented shearwaters in this area. One estimated flock was nearly 10,000 individuals sitting together on the glassy ocean surface. Shearwaters come to the Channel to moult … Read More