A chilly day yields a nice gray whale and a heap of dolphins

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Dolphin Day Captain Mat steered the Condor Express out into a chilly, late winter day to find a gray whale heading north and approximately 100 common dolphins. If you look at the migration data, we are smack dab in the lull between whales going south (which has ended for the most part) and whales goin’ back home (which is just … Read More

The weekend fantastic weather and whale parade continues.

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summary: 12 gray whales 500 common dolphins 500 sea lions Again we had flat, calm seas, sunny clear skies and outstanding sightings. This has been an amazing weekend and mid-winter mini-heat wave. I hope you can join us tomorrow for our special Monday, MLK Day whale watch trip as we hope to keep our weekend streak alive. Bob Perry

Massive quantities of gray whales

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summary: 20 gray whales + 3 common dolphins 500 sea lions+ Flat. Sunny. Not much breeze. No swell. Clear skies. Great panoramic visibility. All this and massive numbers of gray whales migrating south today. Among the 20+ whales was a big pod of 11 that stuck tightly together, had short down times, and no clear direction of travel. It was … Read More

Killer Whales in the Santa Barbara Channel

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Killer whales feeding next to Condor Express Summary: 8 killer whales 2 gray whales 6 Dall’s porpoise 15 Risso’s dolphins 1,000 long beaked common dolphins minus one dozens of sea lions minus one For the 2nd straight day the Condor Express has encountered killer whales in the Channel. Today we ran across to Santa Cruz Island and found 8 orcas. … Read More

American Cetacean Society Special Trip – Special Whales

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August 11, 2012 Daily Whale and Dolphin Report: Here are the species we watched closely today: 18 Blue Whales 7 Humpback Whale 2 Dall’s Porpoise 5,000 Common Dolphins Lots of sea lions Today’s whale counts are unusually high because, (a) it was a special all-day charter with the American Cetacean Society, and (b) there are tons of whales out there … Read More

A great variety of species and a lot of blue whales

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Aug 9, 2012 Daily Whale and Dolphin Report: Here are the species we watched closely today: 8 Blue Whales (more in binocular range) 2 Humpback Whale (including “Rope”…read below) 2 Fin Whales 1 Minke Whale 500 Common Dolphins 2 rehabilitated sea lions released (read below) The breeze was less today and at first there was a little overcast out on … Read More