Coastal Humpbacks & Minke Whales Continue to Enthrall All

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Coastal Humpbacks & Minkes Continue to Enthrall All It was out to the Flats again today with a light breeze and something new: sunny skies! Along the way we took a close look at Platform Hogan, and rode with several small groups of common dolphins. We had perhaps 1,000 common dolphins all together on today’s trip. We also had some … Read More

Ventura Flats Yields 8 Big Cetaceans Humpbacks Whales and Minke Whales

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Captain Mat used his experiences from yesterday plus his natural keen eyesight to steer the Condor Express through a series of cetacean sightings today. Running back to the northeast Santa Barbara Channel, Mat quickly found 5 humpback whales and 3 Minke whales. Mat says that the Minke whales were, again, very friendly and gave everyone on board some great looks. … Read More

Minke Whales Baleen on the Flats

Bob Perryminke whale, Santa Barbara Channel

Baleen on the Flats Whoa! Did Captain Dave do it again! We left the harbor and ran southeast towards Platform Hillhouse where we encountered several friendly pods of long beaked common dolphins and their sooty shearwater aerial accompanists. The sky had a thin overcast, and the ocean surface wall mill pond glass. Before long the eagle eyes of Captain Dave … Read More

Humpback whales crown a gorgeous day on the Channel !

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Captain Dave followed his instincts and ran east. Here the Condor Express found itself in some amazing masses of marine life. Various bird experts have been talking about the astonishing number of sooty and black-vented shearwaters in this area. One estimated flock was nearly 10,000 individuals sitting together on the glassy ocean surface. Shearwaters come to the Channel to moult … Read More