New Year Starts with 6 Killer Whales

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killer whales

New Year Starts with 6 Killer Whales This is our third transient killer whale (Orcinus orca) encounter in a week.  What a week it has been.  Captain Dave and the crew found great sea conditions and bright sun in the Santa Barbara Channel, making spout finding easier. The adventure today began with a trip over to Santa Cruz Island where … Read More

The same 2 humpback whales go wild again. Wow!

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Humpback whales go wild again Two humpback whales “mugged” the Condor Express repeatedly today. Captain Eric ran to the eastern Santa Barbara Channel again due to reports of rough seas out at the islands. As he did yesterday, he found the white tailed mother and her juvenile busy lunge feeding on the surface. At one point the juvenile rolled over … Read More

Humpback whales in the northeast Santa Barbara Channel again today

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Captain Mat reports 2 humpback whales today in the northeastern Santa Barbara Channel. In addition the crew reports and estimated 1,000 or more long beaked common dolphins at play in the same area. Although it was a bright and sunny day for a change, there were some afternoon breezes that took the Condor Express to the calmer waters of the … Read More

The humpback whale show intensifies

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17 humpback whales 3,500+ common dolphins Captain Mat is at it again, today one of the humpback whales approached the boat, slapped its pectoral fins, and then spent 15 minutes lounging and romping in a drifting giant kelp paddy. More whales were seen with binoculars in the distance including a few breaches. The weather was calm and sunny. Hope to … Read More

Moveable Whale Watching Feast

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Whale Watching Report There was a moderate chop running through the Channel all day today for the whale watching trips, and the sun was bright…the skies clear and blue. The ol Condor ran out to the feeding grounds and did not disappoint our guests. For several days now there have been balls of very small, young northern anchovies being chased … Read More

Offshore humpback whales madness!

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Capt. Dave ran the condor offshore to the islands today for a special trip even though it is coastal gray whale season and at the island he found the mother load of humpback whales seven whales closely approach the boat and played with the boat for over an hour this included breaching pectoral fin slapping tail lobbing the Full treatment … Read More

Six gray whales

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Capt. Dave reports three pairs of cow calf pairs for a total of six gray whales and 15 bottlenose dolphins With spectacular sea conditions. Best Bob

Monumental Mammal Amazement – 13 gray whales

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Here are the counts – 13 gray whales (including 5 mother-calf pairs), 20 bottlenose dolphins and one great sighting of a Stellar sea lion feeding on a large fish. Deck hand and galley person Brooke has reported from 3 trips today on the Condor out into the fabulous conditions of the Santa Barbara Channel. All aboard had monumental mammal amazement. … Read More