T–E–N Gray Whale mothers and calves. Oh, my God !!

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The Condor ran two trips (9am and 3pm), and had TEN cow-calf gray whale pairs….that’s TWENTY gray whales, in case you think otherwise. Captain Dave Beezer could hardly contain his jubilance today when he reported the sightings. Furthermore, Dave says the little calves were going bananas, spyhopping, rolling around, climbing on top of mom’s back, and generally acting like a … Read More

Lots of great whale watching including an entanglement

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The Condor ran three whale watching trips with calm, glassy seas today, with overcast, semi-foggy skies. A total of 9 gray whales were observed, some friendly, others a bit more secretive. The most eventful sighting was during the 9am adventure where we sighted a cow-calf pair not too far from SB Harbor. Upon arriving in the area near the two … Read More

Another big day for gray whales

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Captain Dave reports from the Condor that all 3 trips (9a, 12n, 3p) ran and had great looks at cetaceans. In all 15 gray whales were closely observed. Also 20 coastal bottlenose dolphins and 100 common dolphins were seen. As with yesterday’s adventure, on two trips we had breaching gray whales…on the 3pm trip the breaching gray must have gotten … Read More

Gray Whales Galore !!

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Captain Dave reports from the Condor that all 3 trips (9a, 12n, and 3p) ran and there were gray whales galore. Furthermore, says Dave, most of the 16 total whales closely observed seemed to be juveniles, perhaps 1 or 2 year-olds. On the 12n trip two individual whales put on a show and breached, and one of them breached multiple … Read More

Condor Experss Whale Watching Trips Suspended Due To Wheelhouse Fire

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An osprey, perched atop a nearby masthead, keeps a watchful eye on the Condor Express clean up operations today. https://www.condorexpressphotos.com/Other/2013-03-10-SB-Harbor A tourist passer-by, who happened to be an off duty San Francisco firefighter, saw the blaze and smoke and grabbed a fire hose from Sea Landing and put out most of the fire before the Harbor Patrol and SB City … Read More