So wonderful! I have wanted to do this my whole life–you made it special for me. Thank you!

Marilyn, Downers Grove, IL
One of the best experiences of my life, Thank you. Every crew member and employee was exceptional — great service, attitudes and info – FANTASTIC!

Cindy, Visalia, CA
Great experience…excellent in every regard…could not have been better…AWESOME!

Joe and Jan, Vacaville, CA
Very knowledgeable staff. It was an incredible experience to see so many whales! Weather was gorgeous. I loved every minute.

Carol, Chicago, IL
This was a wonderful experience. The crew is knowledgeable and I appreciated the candor about sea conditions. The boat was clean and the food delicious. You guys help make my birthday wonderful!

Bianca, Santa Clarita, CA
It couldn’t have been better. The preparation was good and the excursion was excellent. And…we just happened to see about 5 blue whales!! Yea! (including a baby) Seeing a blue whale for the first time was amazing! Happy to cross that one off my bucket list. Great spotting! Awesome trip! Thank you to all the crew! The tour guide was so concerned that we understand the whale and dolphins. I greatly appreciated her tenacity to teach us. Crew was friendly and we saw tons of dolphins, many whales. Very good experience. I have lived in Santa Barbara for 22 years. This was magical! A great reminder of the blessings at hand. Thank you for a very informative day-very professional-very comfortable and just plain amazing.

Tara & Guy, Santa Barbara, CA
15-20 whales, numerous seals. Blue Whale, informative crew. What can I say? Fabulous from beginning to end. Channel Islands, the cave, gorgeous. A must do if you are in Santa Barbara.

Sharon, Fairlawn, NJ
Great crew with very high levels of knowledge and passion.

Andy, London, GB
Really fun day with great people. I’ll tell my friends and family. Very informative and educated staff and volunteers-they even came to our table to answer questions. Great team!

Ria, Santa Barbara, CA
WOW!! What a great experience. The whales were awesome!! Best excursion ever!! Narration was very informative. The island drive-by was a nice plus. Good value for the $$.

Rocky & Roni, Isla Vita, CA
First time out. Loved seeing the gray whales. You guys are awesome-as always. See you this summer! Thanks!

Peggy, Maumelle, AR
Amazing. Unique opportunity to see a playful whale entertaining the boat. Thanks!

Angela, Oceanside, NY
Unbelievable trip of a lifetime! Couldn’t have been better. Great boat ride, tons of knowledge shared, friendly staff and volunteers. What a wonderful day! Thank you!

Kerr, Scottsdale, AZ
Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Jane, Quincampoix, France
It was a great day at sea! We saw at least 5 whales and one Blue Whale. We also saw hundreds of common dolphins and a couple of large Resso’s. Thank you!

Linda, Santa Barbara, CA
Crew was great. Everyone was very knowledgeable. One of the best excursions we have been on.

Jessica, Pittsburgh, PA
Great trip. The boat is clean, comfortable-roomy. The volunteers were knowledgeable and friendly. Captain Dave was able find whales and dolphins, and his commentary was interesting without being intrusive.

Carolyn, Santa Barbara, CA
It was an amazing experience. Seeing the dolphins, meeting great people, the whales feeding and playing made it very special. I’ll recommend it to anyone that comes here.

Lance, Cambridge, United Kingdom
So easy going and kind: lots of whales, crew was super informative! They all had a great sense of humor too!

Danielle, Santa Barbara, CA