The gray whale migration “times they are a changin”

Bob Perrygray whale migration, whale watching, whale watching cruise

My apologies to Bob Dylan for that title, but the seasons are changing and today is quite symbolic thereof. The very tail end of the gray whale migration is winding down, and thus we saw 4 whales (2 cow-calf pairs) along the coast today. But having had a fabulous humpback experience on the special island trip yesterday, Captain Dave left the grays and pushed offshore to find, you guessed it, 4 nice friendly humpback whales.

This weekend marks the end of our coastal gray whale trips, and starting Monday, May 13 the Condor will get back out to our Island whale watch schedule, with daily departures at 9am sharp…and a return time approximately 3 pm (depending on the weather, sea conditions, and abundance of cetaceans). And thus we enter the early summer season…and the whale “times” are indeed, “a-changin.”

Oh, and en route to the humpbacks, Dave reports about 500 common dolphins.

It was another great day for all and sundry.

Bob Perry
Condor Express