Three different species of cetaceans

Bob Perrybottlenose dophins, common dolphins, Condor Express, gray whales

Three gray whales.

2018 03-25 SB Coast

Captain Dave and his crew ran a single 9am trip today with bumpy seas and no wind until very late in the excursion.  Total sightings included three different species of cetaceans:  15 inshore bottlenose dolphins, 400 long-beaked common dolphins, and 3 gray whales.

As the Condor Express departed Santa Barbara Harbor a large pod of bottlenose dolphins located the boat.  We cruised along with them in the East Beach area and had wonderful looks at these large animals before heading offshore to deeper water.

About a mile from the beach a nice herd of common dolphins was encountered.  These smaller animals were highly animated and spent a lot of time riding our waves, right next to the boat.  After this Dave moved closer to the beach to find calmer seas and headed up the coast.

Before long 3 gray whales were spotted.  These northbound migrating animals were closely watched around the More Mesa area until the wind finally picked up.  That’s when Dave turned around, headed east, and put the wind and seas behind us.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express