A pair of northbound gray whales off the Santa Barbara coast.

Two gray whales on one beautiful trip.

2019 04-11 SB Coast

Captain Dave and the crew of the Condor Express ran a single trip that left the docks at 9 AM. Sea conditions were moderate at best as the wind had been very strong the past few days, so sea conditions were a little confusing. Sightings for the day included two juvenile gray whales.

The two gray whales were located off Summerland and not too far offshore. We followed the two on their northbound migration until they reach the harbor. Before Dave tucked back in to the shelter of the harbor, he noted that there was a confusing mixture of wind along the coast. At certain points there were northeast winds, Santa Ana‘s, and another spot the winds were from the north west. The Santa Ana’s tend to be warmer and a little stronger, as compared to the cooler NW winds in our area. In the warm spots, lots of sea birds were using the wind to soar high above the ocean. We also passed one hungry California sea lion munching on a fish.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry
Condor Express, and