Two really exciting humpback whales and two species of dolphins.

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A highly animated humpback whale is shown in the act of rolling around while slapping its long pectoral flippers on the ocean surface. Both fins are in the air at the same time.

2021 06-08 SB Channel

Crewman Devin demonstrated his visual acuity by finding a breaching whale at a super human distance. The second whale was similarly located by Captain Colton who refused to be out-done. Seas were nice, skies were sunny, and a light breeze kept the air fresh. Totals for the day included 2 humpback whales, 400 long-beaked common dolphins, and 100 short-beaked common dolphins.

Devin’s whale continued breaching as we watched it for 1½ hours. One breach was close enough to send spray across the lower deck. Its aerial action was interspersed with surface activities such as tail-throwing, pectoral fin-slapping and lots of rolling around (aka El Rollo’s).  This was the money whale and we were 4 miles northeast of the NOAA East Channel Buoy.

Colton took the Condor Express closer to the Santa Cruz Island, and about 4 miles outside Cueva Valdez, he honed-in on the second whale. This was a sub-adult and it was remarkably friendly. It swam back and forth under the boat a few times so it might be considered a soft “mugging.” Good stuff!

On the way home there were scattered pods of long-beaked common dolphins and one pod of their short-beaked cousins. The shorties were highly animated and ran with the boat (traveling 20+ kts).

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
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