We hit the jackpot

Bob Perrybottlenose dophins, Condor Express, gray whales, Mola mola (ocean sunfish), Pacific white-sided dolphins

2017 03-18 SB Channel
Hooray!  The fog monster that hit us a few times lately was not a problem today…conditions were excellent.  Captain Dave took the Condor Express along the coast of Santa Barbara and we hit the jackpot with whales and some different dolphin species.

Among the 14 gray whales sighted today, two groups were very active and several instances of breaching took place.  Closer to the coast itself we followed a nice-sized pod of around 25 nearshore bottlenose dolphins.  On the outer leg of the circuit 75 Pacific white-sided dolphins came to the boat.  Finally, a big ‘ol Mola mola (ocean sunfish) was found floating along in the clear blue water.

We definitely hit the jackpot.


You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
Condor Express