You won’t believe all the cetaceans we saw on a single excursion today!

Bob Perrywhale watching california

Breaching humpback, similar to what we experienced today. Photo by Capt Dave Beezer - Condor Express.

2020 03-09 SB Coast

We never traveled more than 3 miles off the shore today largely because the sharp eyes (“whale eyes”) of our crew Colton and Devin.  These two were able to put together a single epic 2 ½ hour trip that closely watched: 13 Pacific white-sided dolphins, 1 Minke whale, 1 humpback whale, 4 Pacific gray whales and 500 long-beaked common dolphins. Tremendous!

All of the gray whales were northbound, as is appropriate for this time of year. The first 3 were near the harbor and we followed to Leadbetter.  A fourth was attracted to a Minke whale/white-sided dolphin interaction and joined the fun (read below).

One of the most unusual sightings consisted of a single Minke whale (mentioned above) that appeared to be racing and porpoising while chasing a small pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins. Very crazy! Then, along came a northbound adult gray whale and it interacted with the other 2 species by rolling around and such. Even crazier!

A bit further offshore we saw more common dolphins and the same white-tailed humpback juvenile I reported earlier this week. The humpback was doing some sideways surface lunge-feeding, and as we watched this NatGeo kind of moment, the little whale breached very close to the Condor Express.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Bob Perry
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